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The Zizo Bolt provides all-round protection for your Galaxy S8 or S8+

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The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are beautiful, beautiful phones, there’s no doubt about that. But they are also kind of brittle – all of that shiny curved glass can’t really take much of a beating. 

So, while the devices may be a joy to hold and observe, it’s often a good idea to have a couple of cases around to at least put on when going on a trip, hike, or spending the day out and about, juggling tasks and constantly taking the phone out for short bursts of use.

Zizo’s Bolt is a case made for just such occasions. Made up of two modules – a tough shell and a detachable belt clip, which doubles as a screen cover – the case also comes with a tempered glass screen protector to guard your display from pesky scratches.

Fit and feel

The Zizo Bolt is made with a mix of hard rubberized material and what feels like a high-quality plastic. It fits very snug around the phone and feels extremely rugged. There is a very pronounced protective lip around both the display and the camera, inspiring a sense of security as soon as the case snaps on. The back is covered in accents and faux bolts, placed for aesthetic reasons. As far as looks go – having the case on certainly does take away the Galaxy S8’s elegant figure, but we wouldn’t say that the Bolt is ugly. It has that aggressive “hiker’s case” look, but the diagonally-placed stripes add a sense of taste to the mix, and its rounded edges finish off the package with a refined feel in the palm.

The shell covers the phone’s hardware buttons with bumps and lumps placed on the appropriate places. However, we still found that it makes the volume rocker, power key, and Bixby button harder to press, as the bumper material is kinda stiff. Such is the price of protection, we suppose.

The screen protector that comes with the case is designed to follow the Galaxy S8, with its curves and vertical bezels. Of course, it’s also the appropriate size, so that the Bolt’s protective lip doesn’t lift the protector up every time you snap the case on. Unfortunately, the edges do end up looking a bit funky, with the light getting distorted by the curvature of the glass.

Special features

As we previously mentioned, the Zizo Bolt is a two-part case. The second piece is a belt clip shell, which you can snap on to the case’s main body in two different ways – you can either have the phone facing inwards, thus sealing it from both sides, or you can have it face outwards, leaving the display exposed even when the device is docked in the belt clip.

The clip itself can also transform into a kickstand with a very easy snap. And, in case you want a kickstand without having to attach the belt clip shell, don’t worry – there is one on the phone shell as well.

Where to buy

Zizo has its own web shop up and its cases can often be found on Amazon as well. The company adapts its case models for most major smartphones out there, so you may be able to get the Bolt even if you don’t have a Galaxy S8 per se. That said, follow the links below to check out Zizo’s website!

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