The Samsung Haven is a no-frills flip-phone for Verizon

The Samsung Haven is a no-frills flip-phone for Verizon
Earlier this week we brought you a list of new phones that Verizon Wireless is planning to release in the upcoming weeks, and now one of those is avaliable for purchase. The Samsung Haven U320, which is a replacement for the Samsung Knack U310, is designed for people who just want a basic no-frills cell phone that is easy to use. The Haven and Knack both have similar features with a 2.2" 170x220 pixel resolution internal display, 1.07" 96x96 pixel resolution external display, large keypad with dedicated 911 and ICE buttons (In-Case-of-Emergency), speakerphone, adjustable on-screen font size, text messaging (send/receive), picture messaging (receive only), 500 entry phonebook, and a 2.5mm headset jack. The Haven does add to it a few extras, known as "Lifestyle Features", which include a reminder alarm with up to five alarms, a fitness trainer that offers 15 unique stretching techniques, four different healing music selections to help relieve stress, and a medical information application that lets users make medical notes and stores their information such as allergies and medications. We just hope that the Haven will have better signal reception, as the Knack lost its signal several times during our review of it last year. The Samsung Haven U320 is avaliable for $39.99 with a 2-year contract, and there is no pesky mail-in-rebate.

Samsung Haven U320 Specifications
Samsung Knack U310 Specifications | Review

source Verizon Wireless (press release)

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