The Samsung Galaxy S5 takes you along for “The Big Day”

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One of the leading features of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is its impressive 16 megapixel camera. While some would have a valid gripe about the lack of optical image stabilization, the S5 makes up for that with the sheer speed it is able to focus and take a picture.

Another nice aspect is that the camera on the Galaxy S5 has a native aspect ratio of 16:9, which some might find more appealing than the more squared off 3:4 ratio. Aside from the depth of camera user interface, the autofocus of the S5’s camera can lock and focus in a fraction of a second.

We see that feature at work, along with a bunch of other features, like selective focus, in this two-minute promo Samsung put together. Spring is in the air (in the northern hemisphere anyway), and that means weddings (and anniversaries), a lot of them. While snippets of this promo may find their way into some TV ads, the story is only a by-product of showing off one of the class leading features of the new smartphone, the camera.

Even if the subject matter does not pull at your heart strings, the message of what this device can do is arguably a lot more effective than some guy sitting in the dark waxing on about…well, whatever.

How about it? Have you picked up the Galaxy S5 yet? What are you waiting for?

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