The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge might have a gold-plated version, we have some photos to prove it

A gold-plated variation of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has been spotted in the wild
The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is rather intriguing on its own (thanks to the Edge display at the front right side), but it looks like an even more head-turning variation of the phablet might eventually make an appearance. The one in question got caught in the wild in Vietnam and what's compelling about it (except the Edge screen) is that it seemingly employs a considerable amount of gold.

A set of three pictures clearly show a gilded Galaxy Note Edge from almost all sides. Gold is the material used for the slightly-protruding side frame of the phablet, the earpiece grill, the volume rocker, as well as for the camera ring and the heartrate sensor at the back. Another giveaway for this luxurious version of the S Pen Samsung device is the subtle “au” written on the removable rear cover, which is the chemical symbol of gold.

According to some sources, the final version of this exquisitely-looking handset might undergo additional design changes, thus it might look somewhat different than this one (we also hope that the home button will receive some "gold love", too!). There is no word on when the gold-plated version of the phablet will be available for the potential adopters that dig gold in all of its states. Sound logic suggests that it will probably be a pretty limited and rather expensive edition of the phone.

What do you think about this version of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Don't be shy, share your thoughts in the comments section!

source: SamsungViet via SamMobile

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