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The LG Pop GD510 loves the Sun

The LG Pop GD510 loves the Sun
Some time ago we told you about the compact and stylish LG Pop GD510. Despite its name, the phone is not intended for people who enjoy long nights on the city, but users who would rather take a walk in the open, under the bright sun, because sunlight is what you can use to charge up the handset battery. We still remember pictures of the device that appeared at its official release and showed a handset featuring solar panels on its back, quite similar to those found on the Samsung Blue Earth. It turns out they will be available as an additional accessory that will certainly please anyone who cares about Nature. The solar panels will charge the battery of your LG Pop GD510 on the go and the manufacturer claims you will get about 2 minutes and 15 seconds of talk time or about 3 hours in standby if you leave the phone bask in the sun for just 10 minutes. Similarly to the Samsung Blue Earth, the GD510 will come equipped with software that tells the amount of carbon emissions you have saved by using the solar panel.

However, this is not all, because the LG Pop GD510 packs other environmentally friendly features as well. First, it will come with a highly efficient wall charger, in a box made of recycled materials. The handset is to hit the shelves across Europe really soon (mid October) at a price that will depend on the particular region and will be announced at its release.

LG Pop GD510 Specifications

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