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The LG Optimus Black to come in black&white too

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The LG Optimus Black to come in black&white too
LG wants to personalize the phone experience again, so it will offer colored backplates with the LG Optimus Black (our hands on here), kind of defeating the purpose of the phone's name. It will probably ship with one additional color in the box, most likely white, and more could be bought at will.

"One of the biggest complaints we have is that smartphones are too similar and too masculine,”says James Choi, marketing strategy and planning director of LG Electronics Global. “We are going back to a time where specific phones will be targeted at specific audiences,”.

Bright idea, marketing people, no doubt, and exactly on a phone called Optimus Black? How about don't make them too similar, like what HTC is doing? Despite the top-notch technologies inside, the new LG Optimus 2X and LG Optimus Black are not going to steal any design awards, that's for sure. Still, for the slimmest phone on the market with the brightest display, we are willing to overlook the inevitable combo of a pink backplate and a black front that will grace the LG Optimus Black in no time.

source: Pocket-lint

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