The LG G2 to receive the LG G3's new interface, “Android L Version” update?

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The LG G2 to receive the LG G3's new interface, “Android L Version” update?
According to sources from Italia, one of 2013's best smartphones - the LG G2 - will be graced by the new, radically different user interface, which debuted in its successor, the LG G3. The company hadn't, and still hasn't expressed any intentions whatsoever about bringing the new look to its last year flagship smartphone. But the source claims that the design awards won by the LG G3's new interface, Smart Keyboard, and KnockCode features, have convinced the company otherwise.  Reportedly, LG has planned an update to the LG G2 for the end of the year, which will introduce the new look and features to it. 

That's not all the good news, though. The source claims that LG will update the LG G2 to the next Android version (L Version) in 2015. Considering a new, unlocked LG G2 costs about as much as a Nexus 5 these days, while being an overall better device, the proper attention LG is giving to it makes for a very strong offer.

Of course, if you are the impatient type, you can modify your LG G2 to convincingly replicate the look and feel of LG's new interface before the company itself gets to it. Such is the beauty of Android.

source: Tutto Android (translated)


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