The HTC Nexus One and all we know about it

The HTC Nexus One and all we know about it
The first rumor appeared out of thin air at the end of November and had it Google was developing and testing its own Android-based handset. Pictures of the handset leaked on the Internet two weeks later and the rumor got unofficially confirmed. The minute we saw the phone we noticed that it closely resembles another unannounced handset, the HTC Passion, that would supposedly roll out through Verizon in the US. According to Engadget, the Nexus One is nothing else but a GSM version of the same device. The first leaked pictures, however, proved to be just the beginning of a major flood, because what followed suit was no less but a veritable deluge of leaked images. It´s interesting to point out that, allegedly, most of them came from Google employees. So, what do we know about the the HTC Nexus One and its specifications?

The word has it the HTC Nexus One is quite thin and sports 3.7-inch, capacitive display that utilizes AMOLED technology and comes with extremely high native resolution, but lacks multitouch support. The device will be probably equipped with 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, controlled via trackball and not a camera shutter. We also know the handset will feature microSD slot, microUSB port and 3.5mm jack and they are more than welcome. 

Leaked images also reveal the HTC Nexus One will probably run Android 2.1 with a home screen that consists of 5 separate pages, but without any OS personalization. Supposedly, the CPU lurking under the hood is the powerful 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but the amount of installed RAM and ROM remains shrouded in mystery. The Android-based handset will support HSDPA and HSUPA, meaning its owners will be able to rely on fast internet connectivity even with no Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity. The Nexus One will be a fully functional navigation device thanks to a built-in A-GPS module.

So, what about its release date and the carriers it is to roll out through? Google has already filed the necessary paperwork to register the trademark Nexus One and the fact implies the company does intend to sell the device. The rumor has it the internet giant plans to offer the HTC Nexus One without intermediary carriers and at a non-subsidized price via its own online store, but we´ve recently heard the speculation is actually inaccurate and the handset is to roll out through T-Mobile USA at a price of $199 on a two-year contract... and on January 5, 2010. If the latter turns out to be wrong, the Nexus One might end up being just another ultra-cool device, destined to collect dust on store shelves due to an overwhelming price tag – something that never fails to put off customers. We hope you found the current article informative and fingers crossed that we get to see official details on the HTC Nexus One soon.

HTC Nexus One Preliminary Specifications

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