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The Apple store goes down hours before iPhone SE, iPad Air 3's possible debut

Just hours before Apple's special March event, a couple of our readers have just tipped us that certain pages of Apple's webstore have gone down, and we just confirmed that this is the case indeed. The dedicated pages for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, the first iPad Air, as well as the iPad mini 2, are currently non-operational. Instead, users are greeted by a message which is informing that the store will be back online soon. 

Well, we all know what this means — new or refreshed products are most likely on their way! As you probably know, Apple has the habit of taking its store down right before it announces new or refreshed versions of its devices. Of course, the Apple store also goes down when maintenance is underway, but we are fairly certain that it's currently being updated with new products. Interestingly, the Apple Watch section is alive and kickin', which might be a dead giveaway that the second generation of the wearable might not debut today.

What might these be? Well, we have our suspicions: Apple is expected to announce a new 4-inch smartphone, the iPhone SE, as well as the iPad Air 3, which will probably "borrow" some features from the iPad Pro. Here's a more in-depth recap of what you might expect.

As far as the Apple event is concerned, it will start on March 21 at 10am PT | 1pm ET. Here's how to watch it on your Mac, iOS, or Windows 10 device. 

Thanks for the tip!


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