Thanks to ad revenue, costs of Android are covered

Thanks to ad revenue, costs of Android are covered
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made it clear that Android is a strong source of cash flow for the internet giant. According to a statement, Android already generates enough ad revenue to cover all of the costs of the operating system.

Android is a widely used OS nowadays so this really shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Their market share has sky-rocketed as a result of their popularity. Android offers users a highly customizable experience with thousands of applications available for download. With all of those apps spread out across dozens of phones worldwide, generating a mass amount of revenue from ads should be expected.

This revenue should only go up given that Android is only getting better over time. With more applications come more chances to advertise. Google has a few other things around the corner that is surely to bring some serious cash their way also.

Is this a surprise to any of you that Android generates enough in ad revenue to cover the costs of the platform? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

source: Newsweek via Into Mobile

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