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Ten slim, durable cases that protect your flagship phone without obscuring its looks

Ten slim, durable cases that protect your flagship phone without obscuring its looks

One of the most common arguments in the endless "plastic versus metal" debate between mobile enthusiasts is that the material doesn't really matter. If you truly care about preserving your new smartphone in mint condition, you will inevitably end up buying a case. While it will protect it from drops, scratches, and scuffs, it will do so at the cost of obscuring its looks. It will also add additional bulk, which is quite bothersome considering how today's 5.x-inch monsters barely fit in most users' hands. 

With these pain points in mind, we embarked on a virtual shopping tour to see if there are any decent cases out there that will protect our gorgeous flagships phones while being slim, durable, and light. We also didn't want them to be ruining their delightful looks or making them even harder to handle, either.

In our search, we actually discovered options that fulfill these needs to the extent of being literally transparent. But, while such thin, clear cases aren't obscure and might be what many of you are looking for, they would make for a pretty boring-looking list. As we don't want you gazing at a gallery full of pieces of clear plastic, we engaged our impeccable design senses and hunted for cases that happen to look good while fulfilling the job requirements above. We also tried to avoid the obvious and established brands with hopes of finding interesting alternatives.

Luckily, we didn't end up disappointed, and hopefully you won't either. The market is vast, though, so we're open to your suggestions. Throw them inside the comments and let's discuss!

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