Teens: Apple iPhone out, Samsung Galaxy S III and Microsoft Surface in

Teens: Apple iPhone out, Samsung Galaxy S III and Microsoft Surface in
It appears as though Apple's success selling the Apple iPhone 5 as the smartphone for everyone has helped the product lose it's cool factor amongst teens. Why are teens beginning to turn their collective back on Apple? One reason is that the iPhone is seen as being too popular to be cool. So what devices are cool enough for the kids? The Samsung Galaxy S III, the flagship Android handset, and the Microsoft Surface tablet by Microsoft are now "in" among teens. And look at how Samsung marketed its flagship smartphone this year. By making Apple iPhone users appear to be old or geeky in a series of television spots, it made Samsung Galaxy S III users seem young and cool. Similarly, an ad run by Microsoft that shows kids dancing at a high school with the Surface tablet helped the device attain "cool" status.

According to Insites-Consulting’s Joeri Van den Bergh, the Apple iPhone 5 showed very little innovation for the second straight year. After a tremendously popular redesign with the Apple iPhone 4,  the Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 5 were said to have incremental changes, including a larger sized screen in this year's model. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S III had a re-design and added a ton of new features, some of which are still being sent out via firmware updates. Features like multi-windows have really grabbed the attention of teens. For many, iOS is beginning to feel old.

Several teen opinion polls showed Apple on a downward trajectory. Regardless, 67% of affluent teens say that for their next update they will be an Apple iPhone versus 22% who will buy a Samsung model.  And while that might seem like a huge victory for Apple, just a few years ago the idea that a teen would want any phone other than an Apple iPhone would be considered blasphemy.

source: Forbes

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