Taiwan's version of the FTC clears Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services unit

Taiwan's version of the FTC clears Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services unit
Taiwan's version of the FTC cleared Microsoft's purchase of Nokia Devices and Services with some minor conditions required. One condition is that Nokia refrain from raising its licensing fees for patents. This is being done so that handset manufacturers aren't forced to select one platform over another. The other condition is that Nokia must continue to license its standard essentials patents under FRAND conditions.

Taiwan's FTC received statements from Google and Samsung last month, to help them make this decision. There is some speculation that the deal will officially close at the end of this month and will be official announced at BUILD 2014 on April 2nd. Even Nokia's ongoing tax issue with the Indian government isn't expected to stop the deal from closing. A factory in Chennai, one of Nokia's most important handset manufacturing plants, is supposed to be turned over to Microsoft when the deal closes. The Indian government has taken over the factory and is demanding more money from Nokia to let it go. If the plant isn't available to turn over to Microsoft when the acquisition closes, the price of the deal will be adjusted accordingly.

The $7.2 billion deal was announced last September and from the beginning, the deal was expected to close at the end of the first quarter of 2014, which expires on March 31st.

source: FTC (translated) via NPU, WMPoweruser



1. Arte-8800

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ms will be pouring more money into nokia to sustain in profit, there lowend phones isnt giving nokia any pfofit but to stagnate ms is losing money keeping bing alive wp is even worse fees from android is helping wp floating and ms also injecting revenue ms needs to pay additional few millions to indian gov

2. brrunopt

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5. papss unregistered

MS doesn't own the Indian government sh!t dude. Don't you worry your ms hating heart over the deal, they will do just fine

7. 7thspaceman

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Now we need to here from China to get the deal sealed but frankly even if china said no it will still go through at this point. Microsoft needs to do a few things to keep it's smart phones as good as Nokia did. 1=let it,s new Nokia staff design and make the MS smart phones the Nokia way because they know what they are doing. 2=put a front facing camera on the now MS Lumia 525 and keep it's price low so the Public can buy a cheap full featured skipe video conference smar phone. 3=put a an HD screen and 1 gig of ram on the new Nokia "XL" Android open source smart phones and sell it in the USA and Developed nations of the World. Enough Android users will buy them and do the ROOT procedure to put Google stuff on them to use the Google Play Store. however if Nokia XL users are smart they will not put a another Launcher on their XL's because they may loose all the Good Nokia and Microsoft apps and that would be dumb because why loose apps when you can gain Nokia's apps and Microsoft apps and still have Google play store apps by keeping Nokia' Ui although it's not pretty

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