Tablets with AMOLED displays are not planned for this year, says Samsung

Tablets with AMOLED displays are not planned for this year, says Samsung
We hate to break this news to you, but it seems that Samsung won't be anywhere near ready to mass produce larger AMOLED displays this year, even with the plant opening up in June.

That was possibility we were hoping for ever since we heard that Sammy's R&D labs have managed to produce a 7" Super AMOLED screen. It was shot down at the Q1 earnings call by the head of Samsung, who said that we won't be seeing tablets with AMOLED displays this year.

We know that Sammy is moving to the laser-based LITI production method this year, which is cheaper, and allows for 300ppi+ resolutions on the AMOLED displays, so maybe this one still has to be developed further for larger displays.

Oh, well, next year, we hope.

source: DelighIT (translated) via Samsung Hub



1. Fans unregistered

This news is more than 1 month old!

2. Chris Steel unregistered


3. daniel_bargs

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looks like a future-proof device wont be available till next year or even next again. i believe Super Amoled Plus of samsung's the legitimate screeen for being named FUTURE-PROOF

4. Lucas777

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no... its amoled... there is already super amoled plus... then next year there will be amazing super amoled plus and on and on... nothing is ever future proofff

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