Best T-Mobile prepaid and postpaid plans for you

Best T-Mobile prepaid and postpaid plans for you
So, you're out to get a plan with the Un-carrier. T-Mobile prides itself in accessibility, no hidden fees, and easy-to-understand plan deals. Still, there are some things to consider and some digging to do when one is just now choosing where to start.

No worries, we studied the offers and are ready to break them down for you, so you can choose the best T-Mobile plan that suits your needs. Let's start!

T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

T-Mobile has streamlined its lineup of prepaid plans and currently offers three main ones: Essential, Magenta and Magenta Plus. We'll take a look at what each of them has to offer before we begin nitpicking their advantages and disadvantages.

*Accounts with 2+ lines get a Netflix Basic subscription that allows 480p streaming on one screen.
** Accounts with 2+ lines get a Netflix Standard subscription that allows 1080p streaming on two devices at the same time.

First, a couple of things that are valid for all postpaid plans (including the ones mentioned below):

  • Although the plans are unlimited, there's a soft cap of 50GB/month after which you might experience a drop in data speeds during some hours of the day when there's more traffic flowing through T-Mobile's network.
  • All prices shown above are with the $5/month discount that T-Mobile customers get when they sign up for AutoPay, a service which automatically deducts the monthly fee when it's due. 

That being said, it's time to talk about the plans themselves. The Essentials plan is pretty self-explanatory. You get your unlimited text, talk and data and that's about it. Your phone won't be very useful as a hotspot unless you're really in a pinch and the 2G data in Mexico and Canada is basically only useful to get text messages through apps such as WhatsApp. Considering the price isn't super affordable, these sacrifices don't seem to be worth it.

For $10/month more (or $5 if you get more than one line) you get quite a bit more. Hotspot speeds that will allow you to enjoy videos on your laptop while you're on the go. You'll also get decent internet speeds while in Mexico and Canada and even an hour of free Wi-Fi on eligible flights. The free basic Netflix is also a good bonus (if you're going for 2 or more lines) but there's one big drawback of that plan. Instead of bumping the video streaming quality to 720p, T-Mobile is capping it at the meager 480p for this mid-tier plan as well. Unsurprisingly, the goal of this move is to nudge customers to go for the premium Magenta Plus plan.

The Magenta Plus plan ups the ante in three major ways. First, the high-speed hotspot allowance is significantly higher at 20GB, second, you're finally getting that full HD streaming and on top of that unlimited Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights. And while that might not be enough to justify the extra cost if you only need one line, the price drop for 3 lines is significant and makes this the best deal for a family of three. 

T-Mobile Discounted Plans

T-Mobile has a good variety of plans with discounted monthly rates for some specific members of society. There are three groups and each can choose between at least two discounted plans.

Unlimited 55

These plans are for people of the age 55 and above and are meant to reduce their financial burden. Seniors aren't exactly known for their data-heavy internet use so T-Mobile decided to cut them some slack when it comes to plan prices.  

The lineup is very similar to the regular plans with some minor changes such as the lack of free Netflix for the middle plan. For the standard set of parents, so to speak, the Essentials Unlimited 55 will be more than enough to satisfy their mobile needs. However, if you have a couple of seniors that can make full use of their devices then the Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 with full HD streaming and a Netflix account will be a perfect fit. 

Military Plans

Those that can provide a US Military verification to T-Mobile can also get some nice discounts on the carrier's plans. This time, the Essential tier is dropped and for good reason.

 * Includes a Netflix Basic account that allows 480p streaming on one screen.
** Includes a Netflix Standard account that allows 1080p streaming on two devices at the same time.

Here the choice is straightforward. If you want a single line, you have no choice but to go for the Magenta Military plan. And if you're getting two or more then choosing the Magenta Plus Military is a no-brainer at that price.

First Responder Plans

These plans are for eligible state & local law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical response personnel, pensioned retirees, & parents, children, or spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty. Verification must be provided in store or by phone/online when activating the line.

* Includes a Netflix Basic account that allows 480p streaming on one screen.
** Includes a Netflix Standard account that allows 1080p streaming on two devices at the same time.

These plans are essentially the same as the military ones so our conclusions remain the same as well: For two or more lines it's best to go for the Magenta Plus First Responder.

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are great when you are not sure how long you are going to be on a service or otherwise don't feel like tying yourself down to a contract. There are also no credit checks to worry about — you just pay up front and get your service with no hassle.

T-Mobile recently launched a new pair of plans — T-Mobile Connect. They aim to be an affordable and accessible way to keep you connected. Here's the rundown of T-Mobile connect:

Those that stay on T-Mobile Connect long-term receive a 500 MB bonus annually (up until you hit a +4.5 GB bonus).

As for the good old Simply Prepaid, it's still here. As with Magenta, it's available in 3 options:

*Streaming music from recognized services does not count towards your data cap

This time the big question is if you need the hotspot feature at all. If the answer is yes, then the Unlimited Plus plan is the one for you. While the cheapest plan has fast tethering as well, having it deducted from your monthly data allowance doesn't seem like a good deal. If you only need data for your phone than the extra $10 for the Unlimited plan are a fair price to pay for what is essentially at least 40GB more of 4G data. 

T-Mobile plans for hotspots and tablets

Got a cellular iPad? Want to connect a mobile cookie to a 5G network? T-Mobile has a range of plans to provide access for Internet-only devices. Here are the offers:

New T-Mobile

You might have heard about this little thing called the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. Well, it got approved by the FCC and while there are still some obstacles that the carriers have to overcome it seems like it's going to happen. That means that soon New T-Mobile, as the tentative name of the combined carrier is, might release completely new plans and signs point that some of them might have very competitive prices. So, if you're planning on switching to T-Mobile, you might want to wait a few months before tying yourself to a two-year contract. Of course, we'll update this post as soon as the new plans or prices are official.

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