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T-Mobile version of Samsung GALAXY Note II pictured

T-Mobile version of Samsung GALAXY Note II pictured
Talk about an embarrassment of riches. No sooner do you release the hottest selling Android phone, one that has continued to sell well despite the launch of the Apple iPhone 5, then you're right back offering another highly anticipated model. No manufacturer has ever hit the handset market with a pair of offerings like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung GALAXY Note II. In some ways, the latter device might even be better than the former handset which many consider the best Android phone ever. Samsung expects to sell 20 million units of the phablet over the next year.

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Looking for a Pentile display on the Samsung GALAXY Note II like there is on the Galaxy S III? You won't find it here as the 5.5 inch screen uses a standard RGB matrix. Additionally, the phablet has the multiwindow display and Smart Rotation features that we have pointed out recently. And with this fully loaded model about to be unveiled on U.S. soil on October 24th, you can almost feel the same sort of buzz around it that enveloped the Samsung Galaxy S III before its launch.

And now as a treat for those T-Mobile (T-Metro?) customers who snap to attention at the mere mention of the Samsung GALAXY Note II, we have some pictures to pass along for you to stare at. Ah yes, this launch can't come soon enough for many of you!

source: TmoNews

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