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T-Mobile version of Motorola Moto X visits FCC

Posted: , by Alan F.

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T-Mobile version of Motorola Moto X visits FCC
T-Mobile version of the Motorola Moto X visits the FCC

T-Mobile version of the Motorola Moto X visits the FCC

For those T-Mobile customers worried that they will not get a shot at the Motorola Moto X, worry no more. While versions of the Moto X for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have already visited the FCC, a model supporting T-Mobile's network had not been seen, that is, until now. The Motorola XT1053 supports AWS HSPA+ and LTE bands 2 and 17. Besides T-Mobile, AT&T also uses those two bands for its LTE service which means that customers of that carrier could also use the model.

The Motorola Moto X will be outed on August 1st with Motorola apparently giving the press the low down about the phone in 5 separate sessions with an embargo preventing the release of any information until 3pm. Then, from 8pm to 1am, there will be a series of entertainers doing their thing including musicians and comedians.

So now we've seen the XT1053 (T-Mobile), XT1055 (U.S. Cellular), XT 1056 (Sprint), XT1058 (AT&T) and XT1060 (Verizon). The phone will be offered online with the buyer allowed to customize the back and the trim of the phone. Models offered at retail stores will be a standardized version of the phone.

source: FCC via Engadget

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posted on 26 Jul 2013, 23:21 3

1. Captain_Doug (Posts: 1034; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

Even US Cellular? Impressive.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 23:24 5

2. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5713; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

whew! about time! o:
i'm excited for T-Mobile customers because they haven't had a shot at any of the great handsets Motorola puts out.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 23:29 4

3. OldNorseBruin (Posts: 232; Member since: 12 Mar 2013)

FINALLY...T-mobile will get a just issued MOTOROLA Phone... I'll take this to a T-Mobile MVNO...

posted on 27 Jul 2013, 01:25 2

6. Shatter (Posts: 2036; Member since: 29 May 2013)

$70 a month for true unlimited everything with no throttle.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 23:44 4

4. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2195; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

tmobile getting moto X Great.

posted on 27 Jul 2013, 01:21 1

5. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

I sent this as a tip 8 hours ago and it barely got published lol. The tip system is so pointless.

posted on 27 Jul 2013, 02:57 1

7. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

It's about time!

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