T-Mobile starts pilot plan in San Fransisco for unlimited calling

T-Mobile starts pilot plan in San Fransisco for unlimited calling
Ah, San Fransisco. What comes to mind when you hear the name of that city? The Golden Gate Bridge or the 49'ers perhaps?  Danny Tanner or the Jefferson Airplane? How about the new T-Mobile unlimited calling plan for loyal customers. If you live in San Fransisco and have been a customer of the carrier for at least 22 months and your accounts are in good standing, you have the opportunity to sign up for this plan. the base rate is $49.99 per month for voice only, and then you can add whichever data plan is appropriate. Those looking for all of the features will spend the $49.99 for unlimited voice, $24.99 for unlimited data and $9.99 for unlimited SMS/MMS messages. That works out to $84.97 per month. BlackBerry users will end up spending 1 thin cent more as the $49.99 monthly unlimited voice is added to a $34.99 data plan for the RIM devices. Family plans will cost as low as $89.99 for two lines, with up to three additional lines for $39.99 each. As far as a national rollout is concerned, there is speculation about a March 1st rollout.

source: CellPhoneSignal via BGR




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WOW that is some good stuff, why only in Fransisco though this should be a nationwide thing for everyone to test now that will really give the other carriers comp, I mean with the economy messed up this would be good for the people. Im not a "Big Fan" but honestly no carrier out there is Perfect they all have their own flaws- Anyways back to the point this is a great way to save money for the people that need unlimited plans

2. Galen20K

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I love your Response, its very True and Fair! ALL carriers have their Ups and Downs, why do so many people have to Hate?:: = /


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thanks ;> )

3. jrcrow79

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meh..if ONL|Y tmo got me service in the burb's in so cal!..too bad..vzw gets me signal n sprint is just a company of idiots screwing ppls account!

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