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T-Mobile investigating cause of 911 "Ghost Calls" that might have led to two deaths in Dallas


T-Mobile is sending engineers to Dallas to tackle a major issue. The city calls it a life threatening problem that might already have caused the death of 6-month old Brandon Alex, and could be responsible for at least one other passing. The baby died over the weekend in part because his babysitter could not raise 911 on a phone. Allegedly, T-Mobile handsets in the area were making "ghost calls" to 911 which prevented the babysitter from getting through.

The city said that only T-Mobile phones are involved in this mysterious glitch. Once a caller hangs up after dialing 911, the phone continuously calls 911 thus preventing others from getting through to the emergency number. The baby sitter was using a T-Mobile phone. The police are still investigating, and the Medical Examiner is looking for the exact cause of death. T-Mobile CEO John Legere spoke with Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax earlier this week.

The same thing happened back on March 6th when another surge in 911 calls took place. 360 calls to 911 were on hold at one point. This might have led to the death of the husband of Dallas Morning News reporter David Taffet.The latter, who does not own a T-Mobile handset, had to call 911 twice after his husband, Brian Cross, stopped breathing. The second call finally connected with emergency dispatch after ringing for 20 minutes.

T-Mobile has made a statement involving the unfortunate experiences. The mayor of the city of Dallas promises to get to the bottom of the situation. In the meantime, the city is telling residents not to hang up when making a 911 call since it could cause further delays.

source: Fox4TV
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