T-Mobile G2 overclocked to 1.9GHz

T-Mobile G2 overclocked to 1.9GHz
Is 800MHz too slow for your shiny T-Mobile G2? Well read on, because the XDA-Developers forum has a kernel that will overclock your processor to 1.9GHz. There is also a 1.8GHz option, that is reportedly more stable.

The developer that posted the kernel admits that the device gets "a little warm," and we're confident that it's an understatement. There is also the obligatory warning that they aren't responsible if the kernel "bricks, breaks, fries, or causes a nuclear explosion with your phone." If it causes the latter, we'll have a serious national security problem on our hands.

Before you use the kernel, make sure that you are running SetCPU Failsafe, and maybe TempMonitor while you're at it. We don't want your new toy to fry, just because you wanted to test its limits. You can find the code at the 'XDA-Developers' link below. Come back and tell us how it works! And let us know what kind of operating temperatures you see. We'd love for this to be a stable overclock, rather than a novelty item.

source: XDA-Developers via Engadget

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