Palm: Don't use the unofficial "overclocking" patch

Palm: Don't use the unofficial "overclocking" patch
Not too long ago there was kernal patch that was made available for the Palm Pre by the WebOS community which essentially allowed users to overclock the CPU inside the smartphone all the way to 800 MHz. Despite the individual efforts to provide owners of the device some extra speed, Palm's stance on the issue isn't quite lively when you look closely at it. Although they clearly state that they appreciate the efforts made by the WebOS community, they're really not too keen on promoting its idea as they neither endorse nor recommend it. They've even gone as far as saying that the use of the kernal patch on the device will likely result in a voided warranty and encourage owners to use Palm approved official updates. Naturally they're discouraging the use of the unofficial “overclocking” patch – but they do applaud the efforts as they continue to try and improve the speed performance through their official updates.

source: Palm

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