System to block drivers from making or taking calls being developed

System to block drivers from making or taking calls being developed
Researchers at India's Anna University of Technology in Tamilnadu have developed a way to prevent those behind the wheel of a vehicle from making/taking calls or texting. By blocking the signals to and from a mobile phone used by the driver of a vehicle, it prevents the driver from losing focus on his task. The hard part in developing the system say those working on it, is blocking the driver's phone from working while still allowing passengers in the vehicle to use their device. The system detects if the driver is using the phone while the vehicle is in motion. If so, a mobile jammer blocks the radio waves from getting to the driver's phone. To get around the problem with the passenger's devices, the jammer has a low range which should allow others in the vehicle to use their phone.

Some might argue that the dangerous part of driving while texting is holding the phone, and with no signal making it through to the device, there would be no reason for the driver to have the phone in his hand. In addition, the system's developers in India have reached the conclusion that engaging in the conversation itself is deadly because it distracts the driver when his full attention should be on the road.

The researchers say that the system could also be used to send a car's registration information to a traffic post whenever the driver makes an illegal turn, speeds, runs a red light, etc. The authorities could use the information to mail out citations to the owner of the vehicle.

source: SlashGear

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