Symbian^3 browser compared to the best and brightest

Symbian^3 browser compared to the best and brightest
The browser on the Nokia N8 has been pitted against the competition, and the results come to show you'd be better off with Opera Mobile and Opera Mini on your Symbian^3 handset. That's at least until Nokia issues the firmware update with the new Symbian browser, which is rumored to appear in January.

Below are the page loading results in a table form with two numbers - the first one is how long did it take for the page to load in usable form, i.e. with readable content, while the ads and other elements continue to load. The second number is how long did it take for the pages to load completely. The competition has been the Android 2.2 browser, as found in the blazing fast HTC Desire HD, Safari, Opera Mobile with the Turbo mode on and off, as well as Opera Mini.

Not looking pretty, but it seems that if you download the free Opera Mobile (which has a new Symbian iteration) for 90% of the websites out there, and use Opera Mini for the rest, you can make do pretty well until the Symbian^3 update hits. On the bright side, Opera's browsers compress the pages, so your data consumption is slashed significantly while using them.

source: AllAboutSymbian


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