Symbian phones with 1GHz chipsets and the UI overhaul are still on the menu

Symbian phones with 1GHz chipsets and new UI are still on the menu
Looks like the other day's dramas about Nokia abandoning Symbian and betraying its millions of loyal fans were largely stretched-out. When Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop took the stage today together with Jo Harlow, the newly-appointed chief of the newly-created "Smart Devices" division, they dispersed all of the above speculations.

It turns out that, if anything, Symbian will get better, and devices with Symbian^3, powered by 1GHz chipsets and raging graphics are still on tap, as is the long-awaited UI overhaul.

Thus Nokia will have its cake and eat it too, we are just curious to see how the company will juggle all these operating systems in the next months and years. All in all, it seems that Symbian^3 will be around for a few more years at the least, and good things will be coming to it, so don't put your tried and true Nokia N8 on eBay just yet.

via AllAboutSymbian

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