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Switchr offers a polished app switching experience that your thumbs will love

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Switchr offers a polished app switching experience that your thumbs will love

App switching apps are dime a dozen on Android. If Google's stock Recent apps panel that you call with the OS's navigation buttons doesn't cut it, Switchr is a solution worth trying. It presents you with three shortcut layouts to choose from - flow, slide, and arc. It lets you position them to the display's edge, or in the center, depending on which ends up being more comfortable to your fingers. It also lets you setup custom edge triggers by drawing them on screen. Haptic feedback by vibrations is offered for your tactile pleasure, and a bunch of other options are provided to suit tweak-obsessive users.

In addition, Switchr can allow you to switch between apps with the search key, or by swiping up from the navigation bar. Users can pin and rearrange their favorite apps at will. The app has a paid Pro version as well, which provides even deeper customization controls, root features, blacklists, and more. Some folks just aren't content with keeping it simple!

So, what makes Switcher special? It's mostly that it's a very polished app with quality animations, a clear purpose, and decent tutorials that walk you through the experience. Developer Mohammad Adib's creation is compatible with all Android devices running version 2.1 and up, and already enjoys a massive following in the Play Store and XDA Dev.

Developer: Mohammad AdibDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free/Paid

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