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Survey suggests that iPhone users tend to buy more apps that Android users

Survey suggests that iPhone users tend to buy more apps that Android users
There's no questioning that both iPhone and Android users dominate the landscape of the app market thanks to the depth of offerings that are developed for them. While there are many reports and research that pit the two platforms against one another vying for a chunk of the app market, it looks like iPhone users have a tendency to purchase more apps than their Android counterparts; reports AdMob. With that knowledge, its speculated that it may influence the decision of developers in choosing which platform they should support.  AdMob's January 2010 Mobile Metrics concludes that the users of both platforms are avid in the use of applications on their handsets, but iPhone owners just buy more – approximately  50 percent of iPhone users surveyed buy at least one app per month, while only 21 percent of Android users do the same thing. An analyst with industry research firm Current Analysis, Avi Greengart, states that one of the reasons behind the higher purchases by iPhone users could simply be “the sheer quantity and variety of applications” that is made available on the App Store. Add in the fact that developers also had more than a year to develop for the iPhone before competition started to roll around, it provides just another justification for the conclusion. Those numbers may soon change as we have seen Android go on the offensive and begin to take hold of the handset market inch by inch – and the Android Market may one day prove to become equally in depth to what the App Store offers.

via Mobile Tech Today


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