Survey: 23% of T-Mobile customers wouldn't switch carriers "for anything"


In a recent tweet, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere revealed the magic secret behind the amazing run that T-Mobile has been on over the last few years. "Listen to customers, give them what they want and everybody wins!," the Un-executive of the Un-carrier said. Legere and his team must be doing something right. A survey conducted by Business Insider found that 23% of T-Mobile subscribers will not leave the carrier "for anything."

AT&T and Verizon were neck and neck with 16% and 15% of customers unwilling to leave each wireless operator, respectively. While Sprint has been making progress lately, this survey found that only 7% of its current subscribers wouldn't leave "for anything." This survey could help Legere rally the troops because it means that 84% of AT&T's account holders, 85% of Verizon's customer list, and a whopping 93% of Sprint subscribers are up for grabs.

Legere's strategy has been discussed by him before. Figure out customer pain points, and find a solution. As simple as that sounds, there are many Verizon and AT&T subscribers who will tell you that the top two largest U.S. carriers do not focus on customer satisfaction as much as they should.

While T-Mobile is keeping its customers happy through pricing, customer service and perks, Verizon's network won 47 out of 50 states in the latest RootMetrics report, while Sprint and T-Mobile each were shut out completely. The most recent J.D. Power Survey showed Verizon finishing first in all six regions covering the U.S. (to be fair, in one market it settled for a first place tie). Big Red customers experienced fewer problems per 100 calls.

Based on the BI survey, we have to think that pricing and customer support are considered more important to wireless customers than the quality of their carrier's network.

source: BusinessInsider

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