Surprise! Your main reasons not to buy the Note 8 are interface and price (poll results)

Surprise! Your main reasons not to buy the Note 8 are interface and price (poll results)

Last week, we asked you what would be your main reasons to eschew the fine Galaxy Note 8, and save your cash for another day, just as we did for the iPhone 8, where it turned out that folks are largely waiting on the elusive iPhone X. In the case of Samsung's finest phablet to date, though, the main reason that was cited by no less than 44% of our 2969 respondents was the hefty $930 price tag that the Note 8 carries. 

Next in line were Samsung's heavy Android coat of points called the Experience UI, followed by the sheer size of the device. Heck, some folks are even waiting on the Galaxy S9, just like the iPhone fans were waiting on the X, so there's that as a major reason, too, as you can see in the poll results below.

Given the reports that the iPhone 8 Plus is selling on par with the iPhone 8 for the first time since Apple started announcing two phones with different screen sizes, we asked you last week what would be your main reasons not to buy the smaller iPhone. The results from our 2925 respondents seemed to confirm the analysts' opinion that people are waiting on the iPhone Xbefore they pull the trigger on any member of this year's iPhone crop, and many are using the dual-cam 8 Plus simply as a stopgap phone before wider iPhone X availability, too.

This result made us curious about the main reasons you would point out for not buying other hot phones of the season, and what's hottest than Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, being the first high-end Samsung with a dual camera. Well, the price is certainly not that hot, and some are put off by the sheer size of the device, which, despite its compact for the screen diagonal Infinity Display design, is still much larger than any of its peers like the Pixel 2 XL, the V30iPhone 8 PlusGalaxy S8+, or even the Mate 10 Pro

To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.


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