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Surprise! Smartphones used for cheating in school

Surprise! Smartphones used for cheating in school
A survey by Common Sense Media reveals interesting facts about cell phone usage at educational institutions throughout the US. Teens aren´t using their devices to just type away messages.  It seems handsets come in pretty handy at school work or for sending over snapshots of exam papers to friends. 

Almost 65% of polled teens said they had heard or seen classmates use cell phones to cheat at exams. The study also shows that basic tactics include storing notes, exchanging text messages and pictures or more progressive use of smartphone technologies to directly look for answers on the Internet. We guess the all comfy universal search function of the Palm Pre must look like the school equivalent of divine intervention to troubled exam takers.

However, almost half of all surveyed teens (46%) don´t consider sending answers as cheating, but rather claim this is helping friends in need (isn´t this just what the Bible tells?). Only 16% admit this actually means breaking of school rules, which along with the fact that teens tend to ignore school restrictions imposed on cell phone usage can hardly surprise us. What we consider even more fascinating is the particular stand parents seem to take on the matter. According to Common Sense Media, they do believe that cell phones are being used for cheating, but they refuse to admit their own kids would do such a thing.

source: PHYSORG

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