Super is a caption-powered social network from the creators of Jelly


Developer: Jelly IndustriesDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: SocialPrice: Free

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but some clever text to go along with it is just dandy! What a fine time to have Super, then. Created by the makers of Jelly, Super is a social network that refines the art of captioning a photo and sharing it with other humans. The admission into this tiny community of captioning professionals starts with snapping a selfie along with positioning a pair of funny digital glasses. When your profile is finished, you can proceed to a gallery of captioned snaps that show how the interface works and help make sense of all the text and color before you. It's like our favorite Boldomatic, only less graphomanic.

Anywhoo, you can proceed to find and invite friends from Facebook and Twitter to hop aboard Super, or try to make some new ones inside the app. You can follow other captioners wearing funny glasses, like their content, comment on it, share it, and repost it. When you are used to this, you can try rolling your own caption. Tap the Pen icon to enter the Edit window. Choose how to begin your witty caption, write the sentence and sign as you wish. Super does all the styling for you. Next, choose a photo. You can use one of the many built-in ones, snap a pic with your device's cam, or search directly within Google Images. You can also apply a filter to it. When you're happy with the composition, add a location and URL if you wish, tap the Anonymish switch if you want to, and fire it up! If you start racking up some likes, you should feel good about it!

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Right now, Super feels more like a working proof of concept than a finished, polished app, but all the functionality is there. We were impressed by the lively menus which seem to animate from all angles and don't have the typical Android or iOS look. Aside from the initial "what the heck do I do now?" moments, the app is pretty fun and unpretentious. It's up for free on Android and iOS.

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