Super Mario Run rolls out new, limited-time event to Toad Rally

Super Mario Run is getting some Nintendo love after all, despite the company's assertion that there are no plans for enriching the game with additional content. A new, limited-time event called "Loads of Coins" has been introduced to the game's Toad Rally mode. 

An in-game notification informs us that from January 16 to January 26, any player that manages to win in Toad Rally will obtain a 1.5 multiplier to their coin earnings. Players that lose won't be able to take advantage of the bonus, and will instead receive the same amount of coins as usual. The notification goes on to explain that the Kingdom Builder tutorial needs to be completed in order for users to participate (currently, the sole use of coins is to build stuff in there), and that Rally Tickets are still required in order to compete in Toad Rally.

While this isn't a substantial update by any stretch of the imagination, it is good to see that Nintendo is at least attempting to keep gamers interested. Initially, the company declared that there are no future DLC's or content planned for the title, which undoubtedly terrified anyone that shelled out $10 in order to buy the app.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo will learn from Pokemon Go and eventually release bigger updates that will increase the longevity of Super Mario Run. After all, the game is yet to make its Android debut, so the addition of new content in order to retain profits still makes perfect sense.

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