Steve Jobs to step down, replaced at Apple by Tim Cook

Steve Jobs to step down, replaced at Apple by Tim Cook
With Steve Jobs continuing to lose weight, rumors that the Apple co-founder had a serious illness like cancer was slowing down things at Cupertino. In fact, just a few days ago, a press release was issued to explain that Jobs' weight loss was due to a hormone problem. That took the pressure off a little bit, especially when Apple's CEO passed up on making his usual keynote speech at this MacWorld this year. Now comes the shocking news, from a letter sent by Jobs to simply, "Team", that Jobs' illness is more complex than thought and that he will take a leave of absence until the end of June. He will be replaced by Tim Cook, who will run the day to day operations at Apple while any "major strategic decisions" will still have to get a thumbs up from Mr. Jobs. The two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, founded Apple. The latter Steve left first, followed by Jobs, to be replaced by John Sculley. When the Sculley era left nothing more than a depressed stock price, Jobs made a triumphant return which was followed quickly by the introduction of the iMac, the iPod, and the iconic iPhone which turned around the fortune of the company and the stock. Whether you are an Apple fan boy or not a fan of the company, you have to agree that Steve Jobs is a living legend and we wish him a speedy recovery.

source: BGR
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