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Stealthy ninjas unbox the Nexus One

Stealthy ninjas unbox the Nexus One
So you think those Motorola DROID commercials kept viewers interested by having an in your face attitude, right? If it’s going to propel itself as part of the elites in the business, the Nexus One has to be marketed in a way to claim its own niche so that it separates itself from others. Instead of having high priced celebrities or industrial backdrops, Google has willingly employed ninjas to uncover the handset during an unboxing. The whole process itself comes at you with action, comedy, and drama – of course there has to be something underneath the mess created by beating the box to a bloody pulp. In any case, we’re sure that even ninjas don’t want to give up a prized handset like the Nexus One so easily – but maybe they can busy themselves with the accessories. You can check out all the flying fun going around in the viral video and come up with your own conclusions about it.

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source: YouTube via Engadget


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