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StatCounter: Last month iOS up, Android flat world-wide

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StatCounter: Last month iOS up, Android flat world-wide
What to make of the latest data from StatCounter. Back in December, after a tough holiday season, the Apple iPhone held a 23.3% share of the global smartphone market and the word was that Apple had lost its way. But over the next two months, the iPhone came alive and by the end of February the device had recovered to own 27.2% of the market. During that period while the Apple iPhone was gaining market share, Android was flat with a 36.9% slice of the pie. Apple seemed to benefit from a quick surge in Asian market share from 7.8% to 10.4% in the last two months through February. In India, the Apple iPhone can be purchased with a monthly payment plan which might be helping to pump up the numbers in that region.

Some other interesting trends show the rapid decline by Symbian. A mere 12 month ago, the OS had nearly a 32% share of the global market which is now down to 8%. If you use this as a proxy for Nokia in general, you can see how the Finnish based manufacturer is not out of the woods by a long shot. Speaking of not being out of the woods, BlackBerry has been suffering a slow, but steady decline. With the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 starting in the U.S. late this month, that is one trendline that is going to be studied when the next graph is released by StatCounter.

source: StatCounter via BGR

The Apple iPhone has momentum

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