Starting on November 18th, AT&T customers can send a text message hands-free via Alexa

Starting on November 18th, AT&T customers can send a text message hands-free via Alexa
Starting tomorrow, November 18th, AT&T customers will be able to send a text message on any Alexa-enabled devices using the Send Message Skill. Supported products include the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Since Alexa is a cloud based voice service, AT&T subscribers can send a text message completely hands-free.

Alexa can provide sports scores, weather, news, play music and provide other information. Each skill is a different voice-activated feature that Alexa users can use, and AT&T is the first carrier to allow text messages to be sent via Alexa using a subscriber's mobile number. Text recipients are made up of contacts managed using the Send Message skill. Users will be able to have a list of ten SMS recipients maintained through the Send Message Skill.

To send a text hands free using the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot (assuming that you are an AT&T subscriber), ask Alext to have AT&T text your friend. You will be prompted to dictate the message, and then off it goes.

AT&T is also going to be selling the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot at its physical and online stores starting tomorrow, November 18th. The Echo will be priced at $179 and the Echo Dot will cost you $49.

source: AT&T


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1. meanestgenius

Posts: 22220; Member since: May 28, 2014

Not an AT&T subscriber, but this is an awesome feature. The Amazon Echo devices/Alexa are great, and they keep getting better. I'd love to see this feature come to other carriers, as well the Echo line of devices.

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