YouTube Kids removes conspiracy theory videos before more children poison their minds

YouTube has been working to remove conspiracy theory videos from its inventory of clips. The company set up an Intelligence Desk to prevent these emotionally inflammatory videos from hitting the site before getting attached to an ad from a company that would rather not sponsor bogus claims. For example, after the Valentine's Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, survivors of the attack who publicly went after the NRA and the Trump administration were wrongly branded "crisis actors" who show up at such events. And as is typical after such a tragedy, videos started appearing from far-right creators suggesting that the shooting never took place.

It is bad enough that the version of YouTube for "adults" contains some of these videos, but a new report says that videos found on the YouTube Kids app try to sell kids on the idea that the moon landing was faked, and that a UFO was shot down. Additionally, conspiracy theorist David Icke had several videos on the YouTube Kids app including a nearly 5-hour marathon lecture. On the video he claims that the Earth is controlled by hybrid beings that are part reptile, part human. He goes on to say that Freemasons engage in human sacrifice and that the JFK assassination was planned by the U.S. Government.

Even if you agree with some of his allegations, that clip should not be on YouTube Kids, which is supposed to be a place where parents can let their kids look at videos without worrying that they will spoil the minds of these children. Once the aforementioned report was published, at least 25 videos were removed from the app, and Icke's channel was blocked. His 5-hour marathon video is available on YouTube, where adults whose minds have already been poisoned by conspiracy theories can watch it. You can view it too by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

source: BusinessInsiders


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