Star Nomad 2 is a dynamic space strategy game for iOS with pretty graphics and freedom of choice


Developer:Anh Huy Phan Download: iOS
Category: Games Price: $8

Anyone in the mood for an open-world space adventure? Previously available on PC, the space strategy/fight/trade/do-it-all simulator Star Nomad 2 has successfully landed in the Apple App Store. The game ticks all the classic space simulator checkmarks, complete with gorgeous interstellar graphics. Star Nomad 2 is set in a dynamic world where three groups of humanity clash in conflict among the stars. You can choose who you want to be – a space merchant, a bounty hunter, a pirate, a miner, a smuggler, or just a space tourist wandering in the asteroid fields and space debris.

As the game is non-linear, you are free to choose your actions any time, but you are also obliged to face the consequences. What you do won't always put you in good standing with all factions in the game. But you can side with someone just as easily as you can be a lone wanderer spreading chaos and violence.

The game will give you plenty of opportunities to stand out as it surprises you with random events where you pick up side quests or act on a whim. You are also bound to engage in a bit of trade, complying to unpredictable economies and shifts in supply & demand as you negotiate with greedy merchants and hot-tempered pirates.

Being a strategy game first, Star Nomad 2 is played from a top-down perspective. Combat is fluid and real-time while the trading simulation comes with all the menu diving and witty dialogue you might expect from a game that bows to the spirit of old PC titles. Your character and their squad will progress via a system of skills, ship upgrades, and mechanical modules.

Of course, no proper space game is complete without a fleet of big and excessively tricked-out space ships. There are many ship classes, such as Corvettes, Frigates, Cruisers, Capitals and Carriers! The fun starts when you engage in battle with a ship armada, where Capital Ships deal heavy damage as they are guarded by support ships and combat drones.

What else is left to be said? Well, the game is kind of pricey at $8, but you do get a large volume of content for your money. You also have to mind that Star Nomad 2 requires an iPad Air 1+, iPad Mini 2+, or iPhone 6 Plus and newer. Technically, the game should run on an iPhone 6/6s, but the graphical elements might be too small for comfortable playing. That's it folks, head for the stars!

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