Square Enix to launch its Pokemon GO mobile game competitor in 2019

Square Enix to launch its Pokemon GO mobile game competitor in 2019
Square Enix, a major Japanese game developer and publisher, has just announced that one of its most beloved franchises, Dragon Quest will be making its debut on mobile in the AR form. Augmented Reality has exploded following Pokemon GO's amazing success on smartphones, so it's no wonder that every major developer wants a piece of the pie.

Pokemon GO, Minecraft AR, Harry Potter Wizards Unite are just some of the big AR titles that have been amassing millions of players under their banners. We're not sure if you've heard about Square Enix's Dragon Quest series, but the franchise is so popular in Japan that kids are skipping school and many parents are taking a few days off whenever a new Dragon Quest game gets released.

As you can imagine, that can quickly become a problem, which is why the Japanese government has asked Square Enix to launch new Dragon Quest games before the weekend. If you're a Dragon Quest nerd, you'll be thrilled to learn that Square Enix is going to launch a mobile game later this year.

Dubbed Dragon Quest Walk, the AR title strongly resembles Pokemon GO, but instead of hunting Pokemon, you're probably going to battle Dragon Quest monsters like slimes, sabrecubs, walking corpses, skeletons, cactiballs, and even a Kraken.

The only things that we know about Dragon Quest Walk are that it's an exploration, adventure game that will require players to visit certain locations, and that it will be launched on Android and iOS in 2019. Check out the trailer above and ready your swords and spells for what's to come!
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