Sprint phones release dates and prices

This article contains unofficial information.
Sprint phones release dates and prices
*UPDATE* 07 Feb 2008: We've updated the article with the prices for the M520 and Ace.

A tipster gave us information on the release dates and pricing of a few upcoming Sprint phones. Keep in mind, this can be considered as RUMOR only and we do not guarantee it is legit. iAll three devices will be on the market in mid-February with prices from $250 to $450 for the most expensive one, which is a CDMA/GSM hybrid. The info is as follows:

Samsung M520: The M520 by Samsung adds the popular slider form factor to the Sprint portfolio. It is complete with Music, TV,On Demand Themes, Navigation and more. It also includes multi-taksing ability like the Upstage by Samsung.

2/17/2008 for ExclusivesOnly.
4/13/2008 for all Dealers
$249.99 Full Retail
$150 Instant Savings
$50 Mail-in Rebate
$49.99 Net Price

Samsung Ace: This new device will eventually replace the Samsung IP-830w and features GSM/CDMA, Windows Mobile 6 OS and an ultrathin design.

$449.99 Full Retail
$150 Instant Savings
$100 Mail-in Rebate
$199.99 Net Price

LG Rumor: (3rd color: Green) Vision messaging centric device with side slide form factor and a qwerty slide keypad.

Green/Silver (LG260GKIT)
SRP = $279.99



1. PHug unregistered

Where is the Samsung M800? God i hate Sprint. These 3 phones are S****y at best, and its all they are offering into April.

2. Sean unregistered

You complain about the phones that Sprint will be offering within the next few months, but you don't realize how fortunate you are that you even know what will be available. With Verizon Wireless, we have absolutely no idea when phones will be available until a week or less before they are actually released.

3. Gib unregistered

Except for that last 15-18 phones they released.... Now im just waiting on the curve

4. unregistered

these phones are terrible sprint sucks

5. tim_from_at&t unregistered

lol@sprint coming out with there own verison of the blackjack, and to the verizon customer waiting on the curve, you will be waiting for a while, by that time there will be a new blackberry device out. oh...and yeah sprint really does suck

6. unregistered

tim@at&t - Sprint is getting the curve 2nd Quarter of this year, usually Verizon releases right around the same time...so not really a long wait.

7. Jai unregistered

I wonder if this is a big hoax from sprint, has it really signed with samsung for the m800

8. j.c. unregistered

go ahead and whine samsung is a very good phonei have carried one for ten years or more sprint is not the best but they beat the hell out of every body else its not that the phone is bad you cant afford it anyway ill be with sprint enjoying the good life you keep on whining

9. tipster thompson unregistered

the m520 or "Lumina" is going to be available at radioshack on the 17th. its like the samsung ultra series and sprint's answer to the shine on att. light on features but cheap too! sure to be a popular upgrade for those year-old razr customers

10. Kelvin unregistered

it is the 10th of March and we have already got all of these phones not a tip a lie come buy them now or at any sprint store they are already out

11. Julian unregistered

Sprint is coming out with the curve next month

12. ace owner unregistered

OBVIOUSLY this would be a shot in the dark but is there anyway to find out if this damn phone was even approved by the fcc? because im losing faith in the possible release of this phone altogether, because pics/info of it leaked online waaay back in jan 200. and we DONT even have a TENTATIVE release date for it.

13. matt4sprint unregistered

for everybody: no reasons why sprint 'suks' is not a legit claim, so untill you can explain why, sorry, you just sound a little inmature, and the M800 is signed and is set for june 1st (Q) do a little research before you B**CH like a little girl, there are few new phones set for april as well

14. eric unregistered

Here is all the m800 info from Sprint along with the month of June for a release date:http://www.nowisgood.com/?id9=SEM

15. unregistered

sprint...where do i start..well i have a razor which is a piece of junk haha.the screen freezes and it wont send text messages even when i have good service also the phones that they have to choose from are retarded...

17. unregistered

that is because the razor line is junk, not sprint...

16. ida lal unregistered

this model is just perfect. its so easy to start n use,even to send sms. wow its so cool to handle

18. unregistered

when is sprint going to come out with a new qwerty type phone like the rumor? a good phone but not to stylish and I dont want a pda just for the keyboard

19. unregistered

so basically you can have good service or a cool phone but not both

20. unregistered

The thing is...I don't understand why people say "sprint sucks." I actually have sprint, and do not have a problem with them. I think they are a very good carrier. Their EVDO network is pretty fast. I tested the difference between EDGE(At&T), and sprint. Sprint seemed faster. Also sprints network does not seem restricted. I can download most "third-party" applications to my phone. I know for a fact, many carriers, including verizon, restrict the WAP downloading. While sprint may not have an overall full network like verizon, their coverage is still sufficient and I dont have static in my calls. I know some people say verizon is better vs sprint for CDMA networks. I beg to differ. I had VZW for prepaid, and I always had dropped calls and sucky service. In fact, I live in the downtown area of my city, and verizon DOES NOT have service here, and still does not(tested it with friends' phones). Meanwhile, I have full service with sprint. Verizon claims their EVDO network is here, but everyone I talk to does not have evdo coverage with verizon here. I do agree that some of the phones that sprint has released dont peak my interest, however, verizon seems almost the same. My actual only issue with sprint is that most windows mobile PDA's and blackberries on the sprint network DO NOT support "sprint picture mail". They claim their software is incompatible. Pictures can still be sent as an email, but like i have time to know everyone's carrier and email address? Hopefully that can be corrected in the future. Most of their other phones DO support picture mail. Hopefully we all will have a universal MMS service rather than each restricted carrier's service. I actually like the choice of sprint's "everything plan" which includes EVERYTHING (all messaging, voice, data). Verizon has an "unlimited plan", but it doesn't appear to support unlimited data, or you have to pay extra for the "navigation, tv, etc", unlike with sprint. At&t seems the same way. I actually prefer sprint because I am data dependent, and if they didn't have the unlimited data(at a great value), I don't know what I would do.. So I would say don't go bashing out sprint....just b/c of choices in phones or stuff not coming out on time. AT&T was supposed to have the blackberry bold (GPS, WIFI, HSPDA, etc.) in July...and it just now came out to Rogers Wireless in Canada the beginning of Sept 08? So not every carrier is perfect, it is just ones' personal preference.

21. unregistered

i have the rumor and the screen broken one way and the freakin thing always turn off when i have a full battery!!! i want a new phone for free! :(

22. Y.S. unregistered

The HTC pro also looks like it will be a nice one. I think the simple design is probably the best feature -- overly flashy without Flash support not as useful.http://www.experts123.com/questions/filter/sprint

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