Sprint might only be getting an iPhone 4 next month?

Sprint might only be getting an iPhone 4 next month?
Sprint customers will surely find themselves at a standstill after the latest rumor suggests that the number three carrier in the country will only be offering the iPhone 4 come this October. So far, we’ve been enthralled and teased by the notion of seeing the next-generation iPhone coming to Sprint – even with the possibility of it offering 4G WiMAX connectivity.

Specifically, a Sprint sales associate mentioned that the carrier has started to brief employees on an impending iPhone 4 launch, which is positioned to happen sometime in October. Fortunately, it looks like it’ll be compatible with Sprint’s current data plan that tags a mandatory $10 data smartphone premium to your account.

Additionally, the Sprint employee says that Sprint will be carrying a 4G enabled iPad of some sort, but there were no specifics regarding pricing and launch dates. However, it’s worth mentioning that Sprint currently offers 4G access for the iPad thank to its mix of 4G mobile hotspot devices.

If the information provided by the employee comes out to be true, it means that Sprint won’t be getting the iPhone 5 until later on in 2012, which can obviously hurt its chances of staying competitive against its rivals. And of course, consumers will probably be on the lookout for the most up-to-date version of the iPhone.

If there’s one glimmering light of hope, it’s suggested that Sprint’s training materials featuring the iPhone 4 could simply be some sort of ploy to prevent leaking features of the next-gen iPhone model. Still, it’s probably best to be reserved at this point until solid evidence comes to surface.

source: TUAW
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