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Sprint intends to differentiate itself by retaining its unlimited data plan for the iPhone?

Sprint intends to differentiate itself by retaining its unlimited data plan for the iPhone?
Needless to say, the anticipation of Sprint gaining the beloved iPhone is growing with each passing day, but we can’t start jumping for joy until it’s official known that the next-generation iPhone is indeed coming to the Now Network.

Currently, Sprint is able to differentiate itself from the competition by offering truly unlimited data plans – whereas others tend to either charge overages or throttle speeds once a cap is broken. Well, according to Bloomberg’s sources  that claim to be “people familiar with the matter,” they say that Sprint will continue to retain its unlimited data plan structure for the iPhone. Naturally, it’s their specific way of drastically separating their business model from their rivals – and at the same time, they’re banking on nabbing some customers from the opposition.

Potentially regarded as proof of the inevitable arrival of the iPhone, Bloomberg’s sources go on to say that the carrier postponed the introduction of another 4G WiMAX smartphone in order to give way to the upcoming iPhone. However, it’s not clearly stated what device is being delayed or whether or not we’ll see a 4G enabled iPhone with the carrier.

Nevertheless, Sprint customers can sleep soundly knowing that they’ll be able to chomp down on as much data as their heart’s desire even when the iPhone lands. If it does pan out, would you consider overlooking AT&T and Verizon to side with Sprint’s offering instead?

source: Bloomberg via Mobileburn

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