Sprint and Windows Phone 7 get their partnership going

Sprint and Windows Phone 7 get their partnership going
As we told you a few months ago, Sprint's 10th annual Open Developer Conference is taking place between 26th and 28th of October in Santa Clara, California. The most interesting news is that Michael S. Scherotter of Microsoft Corporation is scheduled to take the platform twice. First, he will take the stage between 1:45-2:45 PM to outline the general overview of their new Windows Phone 7 OS. The second presentation will try to explain all the possibilities that developers have with Windows Phone 7.

All in all, it seems to us that Sprint and Microsoft are looking forward to some future projects, probably beginning with the upcoming HTC 7 Pro, expected early next year. It's all for the future, but the third-largest US carrier is putting a lot of faith in the new Windows Phone 7 OS so that if your carrier is Sprint and you are very keen on the new Windows Phone 7 devices, then this may be a match made in heaven.

What is your opinion on that? Anyone jealous that your carrier doesn't have the same close relations with Microsoft's new OS? Excited, Sprint supporters?

source: Microsoft Corporation

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1. JPrice02 unregistered

Who cares? With so much of the phones programming tied into the microSD that ships with the phone, upgrading the card is NOT an option, making Windows Phone 7 another epic FAIL.

3. MeSays unregistered

You can't remove any memory from the iPhone nor change the battery and that succeeded. Stop trolling. I plan on getting the Focus ... and with that you can add/remove the SD card ... you just have to resync everything, which isn't terrible. So, if I buy a 16GB card now, I can upgrade to 32GB later when the prices go down.

2. What_Huh unregistered

What are you talking about JPrice?

4. Steven unregistered

I for one and gitty as all hell for Windows Phone 7 to come to Sprint! I want a WP7 so bad, but I am Grandfathered into a GREAT plan and do not want to change carriers because of it... So while it sux that they did not hook up for the launch, at least it sound like it will not be too long to see something from the two.

5. Bdub unregistered

You can upgrade the memory. For the phones that use microsd cards your can swap put the memory card. It will be like performing a hard reset basically restoring the phone to when it was purchased.

6. Wulphie unregistered

Maximum PC rated the Windows 7 Phone platform to be better than Droid. I am due to be able to upgrade with Sprint, and am looking forward to WInphone 7.

7. Phone unregistered

Window Phone 7 is going to rock compared to the i phone or the droid!

8. WAITING! unregistered

I have been WAITING for the Windows 7 phones to get to Sprint. Sprint/MS - get on it! I am soooo tired of wating. You MS haters should just SHUT UP! Losers! They are cool phones and will get better and better at a REASONABLE price!

9. Celine Bowdwick unregistered

Oh man a windows 7 phone, I know I'll be trading in my old phone! http://www.singlemomfinancialhelp.com/is-your-cell -phone-plan-saving-you-money/

10. Denver sharepoint 2010 class unregistered

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