Sprint Treo Pro gets handled

Sprint Treo Pro gets handled
The 800w is only a few months old, but its already on the way out in favor of the new Treo Pro.  As we found out a few weeks back the device is slated for launch in the near future, and we got a chance to handle one briefly.  The CDMA Pro is nearly the same as the GSM version, save for a few carrier customizations (Sprint TV, Navigation, etc) and of course the radio.  We didn't have a GSM one handy to do a side-by-side, but the in-hand feel was the same and if the size isn't identical it is close.  While it's a good device and much sleeker than the 800w, it willl have a hard time competing with the the sexier and more functional Touch Diamond and Pro.  Of course we'll reserve final judgment for when we get to put it through the proper paces, so stay tuned for a full review in the near future!

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