Spotlight: Shuffle My Life gives you rad ideas about stuff to do when you're bored

Developer: James GadsbyDownload: Android
Genre: LifestylePrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

Ever find yourself unable to figure out what to do next? You may be lost in a sea of options, have literally nothing around you, or you're simply so bored that, save for pondering your unenviable state, nothing ever comes to you! Well, believe or not, there's an app for that too! It's called Shuffle My Life and it's advertised as an "antidote to ruts, stress, boredom, and even mid-life crises". Although nothing can cure the latter like buying an exotic car or tormenting your children into becoming sport, academic, and art pros, Shuffle My Life is going ways in dealing with the rest of the baggage!

Upon launching the app and breezing through some introductory steps, we're immediately greeted by the novel suggestion of attending a favorite TV show of ours so we can see ourselves on television! Swiping to the left and right, we blow through a seemingly endless stream of user-curated ideas about things to do, topped off with blurred cityscape backgrounds and convenient shortcuts for placing calls and messages, viewing destinations on a map, taking photos, or saving a bookmark for later. Indeed, all these ideas are curated by Shuffle's users, as the app is essentially free, and open to contribution.

Thus far, Shuffle My Life contains over a hundred of tasks and plenty more are on their way. The browsing system lets you search for new ideas in accordance to weather conditions, seasons, time of the day, holidays, and your location. For example, you can find stuff to do on Halloween, or out in the snow, or such that don't need you to move a muscle while you're laying on the couch. Ideas are sorted by categories, such as Creative, Fitness, Knowledge, Media, and Nature; Then, they can be filtered by how much free time they occupy, or how big is your budget.

To aid your sense of accomplishment and general feel good-ness, Shuffle My Life features up to nine different Skill Tracks to let you progress by unlocking more difficult tasks and view your progress with detailed statistics. Completed tasks let you earn points and achievements in Google Play Games, competing with your friends' high scores and doing more interesting things as you progress. You can, of course, hide tasks you happen to dislike, or bask in the glory of submitting ideas for new tasks and seeing them featured in new versions of Shuffle.

Although it's free for the most part, Shuffle My Life comes with some premium features worth $1.99. These are the self-explanatory Group Tasks, Save For Later, and Task Notifications. Moreover, all future Pro updates will be beamed to you completely free of charge. The developer has things like more accurate weather data, more Group Tasks, and Landmark Tasks in mind. Obviously, Mr. Gadsby isn't lacking in things to do at any given moment!

Developer: James GadsbyDownload: Android
Genre: LifestylePrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

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