Spotlight: Notable is a great Android app for quickly setting reminders in the notifications drawer

Developer: Yu Chen HouDownload: Android
Category: RemindersPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

Smartphones are excellent little reminder machines... okay, maybe not so little, considering the great popularity of phablets nowadays. But back to the point — your calendar app and your notes app don't deplete the options for keeping track of your schedule and to-do lists. Adding and storing reminders inside your notifications drawer is a particularly clever way of pulling this stuff off, and Notable is great at capitalizing on it.

By opening Notable from the notifications drawer or straight from the app drawer, you are prompted to select a color for the tick next to the reminder, add an alarm, and enter the note's contents. Upon saving it, the reminder will appear inside the notifications drawer, and the alarm (if one is set) will be voiced.

In addition to quickly setting reminders, the app lets the user specify what the app should do when a notification is tapped, toggle the notification bar shortcut on and off, and allow for marking a reminder done with a swiping gesture. There's also a History window that shows current and past reminders set in the application.

Notable is free to use, although donating to the developer will unlock a Reminder Sound and an optional Dark Theme. That's pretty rad!

Developer: Yu Chen HouDownload: Android
Category: RemindersPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)


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The clock reminds me which is an app called wake on IOS has similar Ui.

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