Spotlight: Drippler for iOS/Android lets you discover tons of new apps and games for your phone

Developer: DripplerDownload: Android | iOS
Category: ProductivityPrice: free 

Okay, we are getting quite 'meta' in here - you're about to learn about an app discovery-oriented app thanks to an app discovery-oriented article! 

Indeed, that's the deal behind Drippler, which is available on either iOS or Android - it's an app that essentially allows you to discover apps and games for your ecosystem of choice. Upon launching it for the first time, Drippler will identify your device and operating system, and if you're a using an Android device Drippler will only show you new apps and games for Android, but if you get the app on an iOS device, Drippler will let you discover notable apps for Android. Easy as abc.

But this is where it gets even more interesting - apart from only showing you new software for your OS of choice, Drippler also tries hard to let you discover new apps and games for your specific phone. For example, if you're flaunting an iPhone 7 Plus, the app will show you a certain set of notable software; if you're using an iPad, the suggested software will be mostly different. The same applies to the various Android devices as well. 

The Android version of Drippler also comes with a smart built-in chat bot that will provide you with relevant app suggestions after you input a query. We love this!

Admittedly, we are pretty big fans of Drippler and we're constantly using to scour the app stores for great new apps. The app is as intuitive as it gets, putting no hurdles between the user and the great new apps/games that need to be discovered!


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