Spotlight: BreakingSports delivers real-time sports updates the second they happen

Spotlight: BreakingSports delivers real-time sports updates the second they happen
Gather round, sports fans! The BreakingSports app enters the field, delivering breaking sports news by automatically sourcing them from social media. This means you can stay focused on the game, while BS scouts social networks for real-time updates and up-to-the-second in-game & news alerts. The app employs fancy natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to filter content and deliver fast updates about things you want to know about. 

To get to know you better, BreakingSports lets you choose which leagues, teams, and players you want to follow. This way, it learns what matters to you and creates a personalized news feed. In addition to the NCAA, fans can subscribe to MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL news, following only their favorite teams and players from each league. You can also catch NCAA bracket games in real time. Simply add the teams in your bracket and receive fast in-game notifications and breaking news.

BreakingSports commands some additional features, too. These include:

  • League News, which lets you browse news by league
  • Scores, which lets you follow current and upcoming games via the game calendar and in-game alerts
  • Player Stats, which lets you view game and season stats in player profiles
  • Individual News lets you access team or player specific news by selecting them from your customizable subscription list
  • Share is for sharing links to important updates with friends via email or text

BreakingSports is a free download on Android and iOS.

Developer: SprylogicsDownload: Android, iOS
Category: SportsPrice: Free

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