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Spotify for Android now comes with darker visuals and new features

Spotify for Android now comes with darker visuals and new features
Almost a month ago, the iOS version of Spotify got completely overhauled with fresh new looks. The cosmetic revamp painted the interface of the app dark and made it significantly flatter. Those, who were toting an Android device were left out of the equation up until now, but Spotify announced today that the design-altering update has just started rolling out for Google's mobile OS, as well.

The theme of the app is now in complete unison with its iOS counterpart – this means that the flat interface is here to stay, regardless if you like it or not. We have to admit that the darker design is quite visually-appealing, however. Fortunately, Spotify's interface has been a little bit simplified as well, which makes it a tad more user-friendly and intuitive.

But as the saying goes, looks are not everything, as Spotify for Android has received several new features and improvements under the hood, also. Already present on its iOS analogue, Your Music is one of the spick-and-span perks that Android users are now treated to. Deep under, this feature is actually a revamped and improved version of the Collections section, which got 86'd by Spotify's. Your Music allows you to save albums or certain songs to a music list, which can be later exported to a specific playlist. Nice job, Spotify!

The Browse feature has seen some changes, too. Once you tap on it, you are greeted by various tiles - these are representing different types of music, which are suitable for various moods or activities, such as Chill, Urban, Travel, Romance, Events, Pop, etc.

All in all, the update brings some notable changes to Spotify for Android. The app feels significantly more polished and less cluttered. However, be advised that the update has only started rolling out today, so you might not receive it right away. Hopefully, you won't be playing the waiting game for a long time.

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