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Split could become the anti-social networking wave's flagship app


Beware, here be exes! After Cloak, the first anti-social networking app amused us with its unapologetic spin on today's annoyingly hypersocial app scene, comes Split. Basically, it's the same thing, but fully featured and more able to help you sneak past the undesirables in your life. If Cloak is a slightly self-ironic proof of concept, then Split is the polished, working embodiment that aims to become nothing less than the anti-social trend's flagship app.

Already backed by $1 million in funding, Split delivers a slick interface and extended backend which crunches statuses from Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to discover the whereabouts of people you'll never, ever add to your friend list (again). It plots them on a colorful map and it's up to you to devise a safe route. The app will aid you with notifications (your ex is coming to the same club you're heading to, brace for impact), marking of "danger zones" (places where it's most likely to face your foes), and a tool to "scan" remote locations for someone's presence.

Not only does Split show a particular person's location, but it also manages to sniff out his comrades, too. And if you want to avoid them as well, just tap the convenient Avoid button to the right. Distancing yourself from someone has never been easier!

Again, keep in mind that Split doesn't use location data, and likely never will. It only scans the check-ins and related data of people you add to its avoid-list. In the future, Split's authors plan to add feeds from Google+ and Yelp, and make remote scanning available as an in-app purchase. Meanwhile, the app is free and available for Android and iOS.

Download Split: Android| iOS

via TechCrunch

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