Splashtop 2 remote desktop control app arrives for Windows Phone 8, free for the summer

Splashtop 2 remote desktop control app arrives for Windows Phone 8, free for the summer
Splashtop is a serious power in remote desktop control, with achievements like bringing the full Windows experience to the iPad, and with a handy $4.99 app in the Play Store that does the same.

Now a Splashtop 2 app has arrived for Microsoft's latest mobile operating system version, too. The Windows Phone 8 app is free to check out until the end of the summer, and lets you connect, manage and stream from any computer with the resident Splashtop Streamer program installed.

All fine and dandy on theory, but the ability will be free just if you connect to computers on the same wireless network. Streaming or retrieving something from your home computer while on a mobile connection or another Wi-Fi network will cost you two bucks a month. 

While this is not much at all, the things you can do on Windows Phone 8 are more limited than what you can do with Splashtop on iOS or Android - no gamepad, for instance. In any case, Splashtop doesn't charge anything for its remote desktop access app on WP8, so you can head over to the source link and check out if it suits your needs.

source: Splashtop 2 (Windows Store) via WPBlog



1. Credo

Posts: 749; Member since: Apr 19, 2012

Awesome ! Greetzz.

2. xprimer

Posts: 43; Member since: Jan 25, 2013

love it. . .

3. ChrisThorn

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 18, 2013

Hey guys :) I use another app for remote access with WP8 - it doesn't require installation, works through the browser and has very easy access: deskroll.com/

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